The Equipment shall mean goods, components or other items hired or sold by ESS Hire (2016) Limited.
The “Customer” is the person, firm, corporate or public body, hereafter referred to as “You” or “The Customer”, hiring or purchasing the Equipment.
The “Company” is ESS Hire (2016) Limited hereafter referred to as “ESS Hire” “Us” “We” or “The Company”

  • The charges due are as stated and agreed on the quotation. A 60% deposit will be due 28 days prior to the installation start date. The 40% balance will be due on completion of the project. Interest will be charged on overdue accounts at our standard rate.

  • All goods, except consumables, are covered by 12 months warranty. If a problem occurs, the unit will either be repaired on site or in our workshops. In some situations, we may be unable to repair the unit ourselves and the equipment may need to be returned to the manufacturer.

  • All installation costs are proposed with the assumption that we will be allowed unrestricted access to site during the working day (Monday to Friday) on a consecutive amount of days, to be confirmed prior to installation. If not, then additional installation costs may occur.

  • We have assumed at this time that there are no hazardous materials present within the building structure that could affect the installation of the system, e.g. Asbestos. If hazardous materials are present, this could affect the cost of the installation and incur increased costs.

  • ESS Hire will carry out its work within Health and Safety statutory requirement procedures together with any other specific procedures required on site.

  • On completion of the installation ESS Hire will supply the necessary documentation and operating manuals as part of the commissioning and training programme.

  • This design of the system contained within this document is protected under copyright and must not be reproduced in part or whole without express permission of ESS Hire (2016) Limited. (Excludes reproduction for internal use).

  • All work undertaken or services provided by ESS Hire shall be subject to these conditions alongside our general terms and conditions which can be viewed at The hirer by authorising or allowing work to proceed or goods to be delivered is deemed to have confirmed the contract and to have accepted these conditions.

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